Society of Nepalese in America


(501 C-3 Non Profit Organization)

Society of Nepalese in America Branford CT, participated in Branford Columbus Day Parade 2019. Picture source New Haven Register

Mrs.Anju Thakur


Mrs. Anju Thakur appointed for the post of president of SNA

Sept 27, 2020 Sunday.

Special board meeting was called by SNA on September 27, 2020 Sunday at Kamana Indian Restaurant, Guilford CT at 7:30 pm. About 25 executive board members and advisory members were presented at the meeting. Since, Mr. Ram Chandra Shrestha was appointed as RTM of Branford Town CT, He wanted to transfer his presidency to Mrs. Anju Thakur, senior vice president of SNA. All attendees, nominated her to take over presidency. There were no other candidates against this post. Finally, Mrs. Anju Thakur accepted this presidency post as per bylaws of SNA. Most of Nepalese community, one person are holding several posts, this is one of the example shown by SNA that Mr. Ram Chandra Shrestha easily handed over his post. Again, only few community has a women president. The meeting concluded after having delicious Indian/Nepalese foods, drinks.



"The society of Nepalese in America is a 501 C-3 non profit organization established here in Branford Connecticut year of 2012. The mission of our organization is to help, promote and preserve Nepali culture, society and tradition. Also help and support for any kind of humanitarian work during the natural disaster or any other crisis through the collective effort."

    • Conducting and coordinating activities to promote Nepalese language, arts and culture.

    • Organizing activities to celebrate different Nepalese festivals

    • Being socially responsible by providing support and individuals and organizations

    • Raising funds and support for charitable causes in the home and abroad

    • Participating in educational and social welfare.

Some Glimpse of Branford Town, Connecticut

Some Activities Done by SNA

जहाँ गए पनि नेपाली मन र पनलाई निरन्तता दिने मन साये ले उत्प्रेतित भै आफ्नो सास्कृतिक, परम्परा , भाषा लाई जगेर्ना तथा समुदायमा एउटा नेपाली लाई अर्को नेपाली ले आबसेक परेको बेला सहयोग गर्ने जस्ता कार्य को महतो पूर्ण कार्य पुरा गर्न अमेरिकाको ब्रंफोर्ड (BRANFORD) सहर निवासी नेपाली हरु को एकताको प्रयास बाट मिति २०११ मा नेपाली अमेरिकी समाज (Society of Nepalese in America) को विधिवत दर्ता गरिएको छ , यो नोन प्रोफिट ओर्गनिज़शन (Non Profit Organization) हो / भबिस्यमा नेपाली भाषाको कक्षा संचालन गरि नेपाली भाषा सिक्न इच्छुक स्वदेशी तथा बिदेशीहरु लाई पाठ्यक्रम तयार पारि अगि बढ्ने योजना छ / नेपाली लाई चिनाउने कुनै पनि कार्यक्रममा पछि नपरी साधन र स्रोत लाई प्रयोग गरि अगि बढी रहेछ यो सस्था l